Bolsonaro sanctions law to return undue billing in electricity

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) today sanctioned a bill that provides for refunding to consumers duplicate charges on energy distributors that impacted electricity bills. The new law was published in the Federal Official Gazette after approval by the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate.

With this, Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) must transfer amounts “directly to consumers due to administrative or judicial decisions” that identify undue charges on the account.

In 2017, the STF (Federal Supreme Court) decided that the ICMS charged to electricity distributors should not be part of the PIS/Cofins calculation basis levied on tariffs. This enabled distributors to receive a billion-dollar refund from the Union, but the Supreme Court understood that these values ​​belonged to consumers, not companies.

According to data from Aneel, of the R$ 60.3 billion in credits to be returned by the Union to distributors, R$ 47.6 billion have not yet been returned to consumers.

The law provides for Aneel to carry out an “extraordinary” tariff review to organize the refund. PIS/Cofins credits overcharged and contested by distributors until January 2022, according to the text, should appear in the form of tariff reductions from now on.

*With information from Agência Senado and Agência Câmara

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