Capital gains 32 more clinical beds through SUS

Cesar Lopes/PMPA

City Hall is in a permanent effort to increase the number of beds

Porto Alegre now has 32 more clinical beds for the hospitalization of adult patients through the Unified Health System (SUS). The new vacancies are already in operation at the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital, at no extra cost to the municipality, and meet a request made by the city hall to the health institution.

“The support of hospital institutions is essential in our joint challenge of saving lives” – Mayor Sebastião Melo.

The Capital is experiencing an increase in the circulation of respiratory diseases, which causes an overload of health services, especially the four emergency services. According to the emergency dashboard, on Saturday morning, the 25th, the overall occupancy rate of adult patients was 146%. “The opening of these 32 new clinical beds meets a need of the municipality and aims to reduce the pressure of emergency care”, emphasizes the CEO of Grupo Hospitalar Conceição (GHC), Cláudio Oliveira.

According to the municipal secretary of Health, Mauro Sparta, more than half of the patients awaiting admission to hospitals in Porto Alegre are from other municipalities. “We guide patients to prioritize health services in their home cities, helping to avoid overcrowding in the capital’s hospital network”, highlights Sparta.

For residents of Porto Alegre, the guideline, in mild cases, is to seek a 132 health units. Check addresses here.

more beds – The city hall is in a permanent effort with hospitals and the State Government to increase the number of beds and relieve the capital’s health services. In May, 131 new beds were opened, including adults and children, 38 at the Presidente Vargas Mother and Child Hospital (HMIPV), 33 at the Restinga e Extremo Sul Hospital, 40 at the Vila Nova Hospital and 20 at the Independência Hospital.

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