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Samuel’s brother, Angelo (João Campos) blames Regina (Mel Lisboa) for the fisherman’s death.

Spoiler Alert #26 - Samuel Dies and Angelo Accuses Regina

Spoiler Alert #26 – Samuel Dies and Angelo Accuses Regina

Samuel shows a photo of Clarice's letter to Ítalo

Samuel shows a photo of Clarice’s letter to Ítalo

Samuel was the last person to be with Clarice before the mysterious death of the businesswoman. The two were lovers.

A simple fisherman, he handed the police a letter from the rich woman in which she insinuated that she would kill herself.

Italo, who was a former security guard and also Clarice’s lover, never believed this version confirmed by the police, and makes a parallel investigation, helped by Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado).

And why was Samuel run over?

Samuel goes after Anita and kisses her

Samuel goes after Anita and kisses her

He was following Anita (Taís Araujo), Clarice’s doppelganger, and was run over by Teca (Raquel Rocha), who had no intention of committing the crime.

Since he saw Anita for the first time, the fisherman became obsessed, thinking it was Clarice. They even kissed, and Samuel was never convinced that the woman he was seeing was not the SG director.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) is the last person to find Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) alive — Photo: TV Globo

Warned of the accident by an informant, Ítalo rushes to the hospital and still catches the fisherman alive.

“Samuel, they said you were running in the street when you were run over. Were you running from someone? Was someone chasing you?”, asks Ítalo.

Already without strength, Samuel says he was running after Clarice, that the businesswoman is alive.

“She’s alive. Clarice is alive”, says Samuel.

Italo, who doesn’t even dream about Anita’s existence, thinks the boy is delirious, as he saw Clarice’s body at the IML, but Samuel insists:

“I kissed my Clarice!”

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) thinks Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) is delusional — Photo: TV Globo

Samuel gets sick and dies.

Request for forgiveness and accusation

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Angelo (João Campos) asks Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) for forgiveness on his brother’s deathbed — Photo: TV Globo

Angelo arrives at his brother’s bed already lifeless and apologizes to him.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Sorry. Forgive me, my little brother”, says Angelo, under Ítalo’s suspicious eyes.

The fisherman, who is Regina’s cousin, one of the masterminds of the crime against Clarice, goes to her house and accuses her of killing Samuel.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Angelo (João Campos) blames Regina (Mel Lisboa) for the death of Samuel (Alejandro Claveaux) — Photo: TV Globo

“Samuel died, and it’s your fault. IT’S YOURS!!!!!”

“My life and my brother’s life have been hell since you proposed that ‘job’ that went wrong”, he shouts, out of control.

The scenes will air in this Tuesday’s chapter, 6/28, of Cara e Coragem.

28 June


Gustavo and Teca help Samuel. Angelo despairs when he learns that Samuel was run over. Marcela finds some flaws in Clarice’s case. Moa worries about Pat. Kaká Bezerra is cast as Andréa Pratini’s stunt double after she dispenses with Pat’s services. Bob Wright goes to Danilo’s house. Pat makes Olivia a job offer. Alfredo catches Joca and Olivia together and the father-in-law asks the illustrator not to mention anything to Pat. Ítalo goes to the hospital to try to talk to Samuel, and doesn’t believe him when he claims to have seen Clarice on the street. Anita remembers one of her meetings with Clarice. Samuel has a cardiac arrest. Duarte accepts to work for Danilo. Moa scolds Pat about her backing out of the ad campaign. Leonardo is surprised when Angelo arrives at Regina’s house and blames her for Samuel’s death.

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