Clube do Remo draw away from home and remain outside the G8

In the debut of coach Gerson Gusmão, Clube do Remo was unable to return to the G8 of Série C of the Brazilian Championship, but got a point away from home.

Leão Azul was 0-0 against Figueirense-SC, this Monday (27), at the end of the 12th round of the Terceirona, at different times by the Azulino team.


The match started in a truncated way, with numerous fouls and stoppages. The home team lost Serginho in the 10th minute of the game and then the match began to have emotions.

From above, the Santa Catarina alvinegro tried to reach the goal, but the best chances were from below: First Andrew and then with Jhon Cley, who scared the goalkeeper Vinicius, in the final stretch of the first half. In the set pieces, the left side Zé Mário also took danger to the Azulinos.

In the best chance of the first half, midfielder Rodrigo Bessani scared Leão in the 39th minute: in Andrew’s cross, the ball skimmed the post.

On the other hand, Remo continued with pass errors and without setting up an offensive move, but had chances to open the scoring with Marlon, who was in the defense of goalkeeper Wilson.

The second half begins and despite having volume in the game, Figueirense-SC was choked by Remo in two moves: first with Daniel Felipe who headed with danger and soon after in the bomb of Jean Patrick, who had a good defense by goalkeeper Wilson.

Figueirense reached Remo’s goal only at 30 minutes: in a free-kick, Nathan takes advantage of the leftover and kicks. In the reflex, goalkeeper Vinicius defends and avoids the home team’s goal. In the next move, the incredible thing came with Andrew who, with the goalkeeper down, missed the goal.

The result leaves Figueirense-SC in 6th position with 19 points. Remo climbed to 10th position, with 17 points gained. The blue team is one point away from the G8.

In the next round, Figueirense-SC will go to Salvador (BA) to face Vitória-BA on Saturday (2), while Remo will have the classic against Paysandu, on Sunday (3), at Baenão.

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