Corinthians announces Vic Albuquerque’s return after spending time in Spain

The Magic is back, Faithful! After six months away from Parque São Jorge, defending Madrid CFF, from Spain, attacking midfielder Vic Albuquerque returned to Corinthians. The announcement was made on Tuesday, on the club’s social media.

As has been the custom of Corinthians, the club had the right-back Kati to play on social networks. The player was “marked” for appearing to publicize the club’s new signings.

“No, don’t even come, I won’t say anything else. This is giving me trouble. Keep your mouth shut and bye, I’m going to train”, says Kati before putting a magic hat on her head – see video below. Magic, it is worth remembering, is the nickname of Vic Albuquerque.

About 25 minutes after Kati’s words came the official announcement. Vic recorded a video where he reveals the importance of having a player away and for being happy to return home.

“I grew a lot as an athlete and as a person. I also discovered that that old phrase is a very absolute truth: there is nothing better than returning home. Look at this trick here, Faithful. I’m back!”, he said – see below.

Vic left Corinthians at the beginning of January and, shortly after, announced his arrival at Madrid CFF. During the six months she was in Spain, the Corinthian participated in 14 games and scored two goals, according to figures from the the goal.

The Corinthian returns to the club with the end of the season in Europe after not renewing her contract. According to the calculation of My Helm, it is worth remembering, she also received proposals from Flamengo and Palmeiras, but chose to return to Parque São Jorge. When she said goodbye to Fiel at the beginning of the year, by the way, she pointed to Corinthians as the biggest hit of her career and promised to return.

Vic Albuquerque arrives for his second spell at Corinthians. In the first, the attacking midfielder played 110 games for the club, obtaining 96 wins, ten draws and only four defeats. In addition, she scored 59 goals and won seven titles: two Brazilians (2020 and 2021), three Paulistas (2019, 2020 and 2021) and two Libertadores (2019 and 2021).

The athlete is the third player repatriated by the Corithians this season. Before her, the club had the returns of goalkeeper Lelê and right-back Paulinha. Now, she disputes position with Jaque, Mariza, Adriana, Gabi Portilho and Bianca Gomes.

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