Corinthians may have a pair of defensive midfielders who only started five games for the club against Boca Juniors

Corinthians can only have two defensive midfielders able to play against Boca Juniors this Tuesday, starting at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), at Neo Química Arena. Revealed at the base, the duo Xavier and Roni already had their highlight moment, but recently fell into distrust and appears as an alternative in the sector for Vítor Pereira.

Taking into account the certain absences of Maycon and Paulinho, both recovering from injury, and Cantillo, suspended, Vítor Pereira has only three more defensive midfielders in the squad. Du Queiroz, who joins the duo, is doubtful because he suffered a muscle problem against Santos on Saturday.

Another possibility would be to scale the team with only one midfielder, leaving Renato Augusto and Giuliano to fill the middle. The first, however, suffers from calf pain and is also doubtful. Therefore, it is very likely that only Roni and Xavier are 100% available for the match.

Today seen with suspicion, the two have five games as team starters together and started on a high. In the debut of both, against Bahia, in the 2020 Brazilian, Roni scored a goal and Xavier stood out defensively.

Afterwards, Xavier gained space, especially with Vagner Mancini, and saw his teammate fall behind in line. When Roni was used more, when Sylvinho arrived, this time it was Xavier who lost space, seeing his teammate start most of last year’s Brazilian Championship.

The last time the two started a match was for this year’s Copa do Brasil, against Portuguesa, from Rio de Janeiro, in Londrina. At the time, Xavier missed the goal of the Fluminense, in the first minute, and could not take advantage of the chance given by Vítor Pereira.

Corinthians games with Roni and Xavier as starters

  • Portuguesa-RJ 1 x 1 Corinthians – 04/20/2022 – Copa do Brasil 2022
  • Peñarol 4 x 0 Corinthians – 05/13/2021 – Sudamericana 2021
  • Coritiba 0 x 1 Corinthians – 11/25/2020 – Brasileirão 2020
  • Sport 1 x 0 Corinthians – 09/23/2020 – Brasileirão 2020
  • Corinthians 3 x 2 Bahia – 09/16/2020 – Brasileirão 2020

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