CVC, Decolar and 123 Miles are investigated after complaints

Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat), linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, opened an administrative process today to investigate CVC,, 123 Milhas, Max Milhas and Viajanet after complaints from consumers about the provision of services during the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the statement, the objective is to investigate possible violations of the Consumer Protection Code in relation to cancellations, rescheduling, refunds and reuse of travel and reservation credits.

According to the secretariat, the five agencies that are the target of the investigations presented the largest number of complaints registered on the platform, during the pandemic. Among the main problems reported are: difficulty in changing or canceling the contract/service and difficulty or delay in returning amounts paid, refunding and withholding amounts.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the numbers of complaints had two peak moments: the first from April 2020, with the beginning of restrictions for the tourism sector due to the pandemic, and the second, a year later, when companies should start to reimburse consumers who have had, for example, canceled trips.

If convicted in the proceedings, the agencies are subject to the payment of a fine in the amount of up to R$13 million and other penalties.

wanted by UOLMax Milhas said that it has not yet been notified of the administrative process, but stressed that “it is subject to the rules established by the airlines for the rebooking or cancellation of tickets”.

In a note, Decolar reported that it is trying to gain access to the process, but “advances that it maintains constant dialogue with the bodies of the National Consumer Protection System, including Senacon, aiming at the continuous improvement of its customer service practices”.

The report try to contact the other target companies of the investigation. If there is a response, the text will be updated.

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