Deadline to submit the ECD ends at the end of June

The delivery date of the Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD) goes until June 30th. Check the information.

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The date of delivery of the Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD) was extended by the Federal Revenue for the 30th of June. The extension request was made by Fenacon (National Federation of Advisory, Expertise, Information and Research Companies) and by Ibracon (Instituto dos Auditores Independentes do Brasil).

Accounting obligations are complex processes since the rendering of accounts contains numerous steps that require maximum attention to be completed correctly.

The ECD is one of these steps and can be completed online through a portal developed by the Internal Revenue Service. It simplifies the organization and sending of data for the delivery of company taxes, which takes place annually.

What is ECD?

The ECD is a declaration with a standard layout and signed with a digital certificate from the technical responsible for accounting and the legal representatives of the companies. Through it, it is possible to formalize all the institutions’ accounting and make the data relevant to banks, governments, investors, among others.

Its main objective is to facilitate deliveries and replace paper quantities.

Who is required to deliver the ECD?

They are required to deliver the Digital Accounting Bookkeeping:

  • Companies that opt ​​for Real Profit;
  • Companies that opt ​​for the Real Income that did not opt ​​for free cash or that distribute without incidence of Income Tax Withheld at Source (IRRF), portion of profits or dividends higher than the tax calculation base value;
  • Exempt companies that receive donations, aid, incentives, subsidies, contributions, similar income and agreements, with a sum greater than R$ 4,800,000.00;
  • Societies in Participation Account (SCP) must present the ECD as their own books or auxiliary books of the ostensible partner.

For the others, delivery is optional and there is no penalty for delay.

Balance Sheet

The previous year’s Balance Sheet must be structured and finalized, as well as the books that make up the Diário Geral. Check what they are:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Income Statement for the Year – DRE;
  • Statement of Accumulated Profits or Losses – DLPA;
  • Statement of Changes in Shareholders’ Equity – DMPL;
  • Statement of Cash Flow – DFC;
  • Statement of Added Value – DVA;
  • Comprehensive Income Statement – ​​DRA;
  • Daily;
  • Opening Term;
  • Closure term.

ECD generation

The ECD must be generated through the Bookkeeping Generator Program (PGE) prepared by the Special Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil. This program can be accessed through the website of the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (Sped).

ECD fines

Related to the delivery of the ECD, fines may be applied for: delay, non-delivery, omitted value, incorrect value. The amounts range from R$100 to R$5 million.

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