Detran vehicle inspection to be outsourced in Minas – Gerais

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Detran to accredit companies for inspection service in Minas (photo: Wikimmedia Commons/Reproduction)

A decree of the Government of Minas published this Tuesday (28/6) in the Official State Gazette authorizes accredited companies to carry out vehicle inspections. The change removes the need for the driver to travel to the Minas Gerais Traffic Department (Detran-MG) for the activity. The rule goes into effect at the end of November.

The companies, called Accredited Inspection Companies (ECVs), will be accredited to Dentran-MG and there will be no accreditation limit. However, the body will be responsible for supervising the work, in addition to continuing to directly provide vehicle identification inspection services.

Until then, the service was provided by the Civil Police. “Police officers who were previously busy with inspections will be able to dedicate themselves to criminal investigation and combating impunity, making the state even safer,” said state deputy Guilherme da Cunha (Novo), who collaborated in the development of the Project.

The Government of Minas also estimates that a production chain can be moved, with the opening of the market to several segments. “Among them are companies qualified to carry out surveys, companies that provide training and qualification courses for future surveyors, as well as providers specialized in the development of systems to link survey data to the department’s system,” he said in a statement.

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