Did you know that drinking coffee before going shopping can make you spend more?

who doesn’t like a coffee very warm, isn’t it? This drink is one of the most popular among Brazilians and is served on every possible occasion. Among them, before doing some activity that will require a little more energy, such as practicing physical activities or even stop by the market. However, in the second case, did you know that drinking coffee before shopping can make you spend more? Understand more below.

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Scientists have found that this simple habit can lead some people to spend a little more. In their tests, they handed out free coffee to 300 people at the entrance of a store, then compared their receipts against customers who didn’t drink at all. In the end, they had access to surprising results.

How does coffee make people spend more?

Basically, researchers have found that it is possible to link coffee use and compulsive shopping. That’s because caffeine works as a stimulant in our brain, always releasing dopamine to it. As this neurotransmitter is related to our motor skills and the feeling of reward, coffee ends up increasing our impulsiveness and decreasing self-control, resulting in greater spending on shopping.

Furthermore, it is not only the amount we spend that is influenced, but also the quantity and quality of the items we buy. During the research, those who ingested the drink were more willing to pay for non-essential items, such as candles and toys. Thus, the average cost was much higher for the first group, which invested around BRL 149.70 in around 2.16 products, while the second spent BRL 80.70 on an average of 1.45 items.

Even the same goes for online shopping, as the volunteers also bought more compulsively after consuming the drink. So, if you already have a hard time controlling yourself while strolling through the mall, avoid any foods with caffeine. On the other hand, if you are a merchant or store owner, offering a hot, well-brewed coffee can be an excellent tactic to increase your sales.

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