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Due to the “fever” for an “ideal body”, generated mainly by social networks, many people started to try to acquire a healthier diet. However, due to the lack of nutritional monitoring, and the beautiful advertisements of food products, many ended up switching their food for not so healthy products.

To learn more about these foods that pretend to be fit, but aren’t, check out the full article and learn more!

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Fit-fake foods, what to say about them

Cereal bars, turkey breast, industrialized juices are typical foods considered healthier, but they are made up of a high content of sugar, salt and preservatives. Because they believe that these are really healthy, many people end up introducing them into their diets.

However, there are simpler and healthier ways to maintain a balanced and natural diet. Therefore, always prioritize food in its natural form, and preferably organic.

Now stick with some examples of fake-fit foods

Despite their fame about being rich in cereals, in reality these are a great source of sugar and fat. In addition, in terms of fiber, these bars do not usually have even 1 gram per serving.

That is, they do not even achieve what they advertise in their advertisements. Given that, try to invest in cereals in-natura, the oatmeal itself will serve as a great source of fiber.

Whole grain breads actually have a little higher fiber content. However, it is necessary to be attentive in relation to the composition of its ingredients. To analyze if, in fact, it is worth it, it is important to pay attention to, in addition to the list, which ingredients come first.

Despite its fame, turkey breast ends up having the same procedures for adding chemical compounds as the ham itself. In addition, it still has nutritional equivalence when compared to the values ​​of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and sodium value.

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