Don’t buy the 13” MacBook Pro (M2) with 256GB SSD!

Let’s be honest: the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip didn’t surprise many people, as it kept the same design as the previous model — including the Touch Bar, which was removed on the 14″ and 16″ models.

As if the absence of substantial news were not enough, if you are thinking of buying the entry version of the new MacBook Pro — which comes equipped with an SSD1 in 256GB — maybe it’s better to think twice.

The YouTube channels Max Tech and Created Tech compared the base models of MacBooks Pro with M1 and M2 chips and found that the SSD of the new version is… slower!

More precisely, the M2 chip model has read speeds about 50% slower than the MacBook Pro M1. Write speeds are about 30% slower, as detailed below.

  • 256GB MacBook Pro (M1) read speed: 2,900MB/s;
  • 256GB MacBook Pro (M2) read speed: 1,446MB/s;
  • 256GB MacBook Pro (M1) write speed: 2,215MB/s;
  • 256GB MacBook Pro (M2) Write Speed: 1,463MB/s;

The reason for the (negative) discrepancy can be found inside the new MacBook Pro, which is equipped with only one 256GB NAND chip, while the M1 version uses two 128GB chips running in parallel — a configuration that allows the chips to reach speeds taller. Models with larger storage capacity, on the other hand, don’t seem to be affected by the drop in speed, as they kept the configuration with two NAND chips.

The official reason for the change is not yet known, but the most likely explanation is that using a single NAND chip reduces manufacturing costs, as well as avoiding the problems of chip shortages. It is also unclear, yet, whether Apple has adopted a similar strategy for the entry-level model of the new MacBook Air with M2.

Of course, the SSD speeds of the new MacBook Pro are more than enough for general users; still, the situation as a whole is a little disappointing, isn’t it?

13″ MacBook Pro

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