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Entrance to the Santa Casa during the fight against inc
Santa Casa: two patients died in the transfer process during the fire (photo: Marcos Vieira/EM/D. A Press )

The bodies of two patients who died at Santa Casa during the process of transferring victims to other hospitals arrived at the Legal Medical Institute this Tuesday morning (28/06) and were recognized by family members.

Cezar Freitas de Jesus, 51, was on the 9th floor when the fire started. According to his son, he had been hospitalized for two weeks, but he was doing well and should be released later this week.

“The moment the fire started, he sent desperate audio, saying he didn’t want to die. My father had some devices to control heart beat. I think, in desperation, he took them off and left the room. The doctors found him on the 3rd floor, tried to revive him, but without success,” said Rafael Fernando, Cezar’s son.

Otvio Jordany Melo Rezende, 23, had been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for a year and a half. He was at Santa Casa to have a bone marrow transplant and caught an infection. According to his girlfriend, Julia Moura, the young man’s condition was stable.

“He was in the room facing the fire. Otvio couldn’t stand transport, getting out of the bed he was in. As the fire started in front of his room, he needed to be taken out of there. He died due to transport. He was fine. If not for the fire, he would still be here. He was confident of beating cancer, of getting well. But this tragedy happened.”

the fire

A fire at Santa Casa in Belo Horizonte, in the Center-South region of the city, scared employees, patients and companions, on Monday night (27/6). The flames started on the 10th floor of the building, where the CTI works.

Patients removed from the floor where the fire broke out were transferred to João XVIII and So Lucas hospitals.

In all, 931 patients were in Santa Casa at the time of the fire. 50 of them were on the floor that was hit. 21 were transferred to other hospitals and 29 were relocated within Santa Casa.

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