Fire hits the CTI floor of the Santa Casa de BH hospital – News

A fire on the night of this Monday (27) took over the 10th floor of the Santa Casa hospital, in the Santa Efigênia neighborhood, in the eastern region of Belo Horizonte. There was a great mobilization of security forces to remove patients and staff. Until the update of this article, there were no reports of serious victims, only people who inhaled smoke and soot.

The information is from the firefighters and realize that the flames would have started after a collapse in equipment with oxygen leakage, which triggered the fire and a lot of smoke. Panicked, patients and staff smashed windows to allow air circulation. In the corridors and rooms, the rush was to remove people who were bedridden and with limited mobility.

At least ten fire engines were sent to the scene to fight the flames. In all, at least 210 military police officers, including the BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion) were called in to help remove patients and hospital staff, isolating traffic around Santa Casa, in the so-called PM contingency plan. In all, nearly 950 people were evacuated from the unit.


Unemployed Graciane Rozire da Silveira, 45, told the report that her husband was hospitalized at the oncology center, on the 7th floor, when the fire started.

“He made a video call with me now. There are a lot of people running around the hospital and screaming. He ran down and now he’s on the street. The scenario is desperate”, she told the report as she headed towards the hospital to get more information about her husband. .

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