Flamengo returns to flirt with stadium project after fight at Maracanã

With Leo Burlá

A month ago, Flamengo’s board peremptorily denied the existence of a project for the construction of its own stadium. Now, the red-black leaders are already moving to make the idea viable. In the middle of the way, the fight with Vasco for the use of Maracanã that generated fear of political interference in any concession of the arena.

Currently, Flamengo and Fluminense have a provisional concession for Maracanã. They are responsible for selling cabins and sponsorship, and have to pay for maintenance and grants to the state government.

In this scenario, Vasco requested to the Maracanã consortium – commanded by the duo Fla-Flu – that it could play on June 3, against Sport. Stadium managers rejected the request.

Vasco went to court and got a decision that proved him right, yesterday (27). In the first instance, the Court determined that the stadium is public and that the terms of the concession require it to be transferred to other teams in Rio de Janeiro. In the dispute, the state government, owner of Maracanã, sided with the Cruz-Maltino team.

Faced with the imbroglio, Flamengo’s board understands that Maracanã is subject to political interference in a concession. Thus, there would be insecurity in relation to competing to have the stadium for a longer period. This thesis is rejected by Vasco, who sees his right to play by concession.

Another issue is the bidding whose rules require 70 matches at Maracanã. This induces the stadium to have three clubs in management. Vasco wants to participate, even if he plays a smaller number of times.

As first reported by the newspaper The globe, Flamengo approached the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, to talk about the possible construction of a stadium in the Olympic Park. There is a forecast of a meeting with the politician, who is out of Brazil, by the end of the week. It was mediated by deputy Pedro Paulo (PMDB-RJ).

But Paes himself has already cooled down the club’s intention in any proposal for the space in a demonstration on twitter: “Always available to help any club in Rio but I would like to remind you that the Olympic Park is a completely private area, with the exception of a few arenas. That’s how we managed to hold the Olympics without spending public resources on the construction of stadiums”, said the mayor of Rio about the Olympic Park.

The president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, is personally running the project and will seek potential investors. The idea would be to build a stadium smaller than Maracanã.

But, from what the blog found, Flamengo is far from giving up on Maracanã. All possibilities are open, including starting a stadium project and bidding for the concession to play only larger matches.

The point is that the club decided to look for an alternative. It can only work as an element of pressure on the State or in fact become a future proposal for a new house.

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