Gabriel Boric and new Constitution have approval minimums in Chile

Support for left-wing Chilean President Gabriel Boric and a planned new constitution has reached a record low, a poll by private company Cadem showed on Monday, with most people pointing to the economy as stagnant or getting worse.

According to the Cadem Plaza Publica poll, 59% of Chileans disapprove of Boric’s government, up 5 percentage points from a week ago, while his approval rating has dropped from 40% to 34%, a new low since he took office in March.

At the same time, 91% of the Andean country’s population sees the economy stagnating or deteriorating, its worst assessment since mid-2020, when right-wing Sebastian Piñera was still in office and the Covid-19 pandemic was ravaging economies across the country. around the world, showed data from Cadem.

Support for a new Constitution, now being drafted to replace the current one that is seen as favorable to the financial market, which dates back to the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship, also dropped to a low of 33%, after reaching 56% in January, the search.

The new draft, which should be finalized next month, will be voted on in a referendum on September 4th.

In another poll published on Monday by Activa Research, 44.4% of respondents said they would reject the new Constitution and 25% would support it, while support for Boric, 36, was 34% to 40%.

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