Gabriela Prioli: “I tried to escape therapy, but there came a time that I couldn’t anymore”

The political conversation is dense and, therefore, Angelica’s conversation with the lawyer and presenter Gabriela Prioli needed a part two. In the first one, they talked about how to talk about politics without pulling out their hair and now the conversation continues with Gabi presenting her new book Politics is for all, talking about the importance of female representation and going in a more personal way, with tips for well-being. be.

“Academy is fundamental”, he declares. “Schopenhauer used to say that we need an hour of vigorous exercise a day to balance the internal rhythm with the external one, this makes a lot of sense to me.” The lawyer says that she feels short of breath when she has an anxiety crisis and physical exercises help to deal with it better. Another support is therapy. “I had a hard time getting started, I used the lack of time as an excuse, but I realized I was getting to a level where I needed help, I couldn’t give it anymore”, she reports.

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Speaking of mental health, greater female representation in politics would be of great help to women, who see their agendas, such as reproductive rights and menstrual poverty, being deliberated by men, since only 15% of political representatives are women. “If representation were fair, we would have a fairer and, consequently, better Brazil.” Gabriela exemplifies, highlighting policies that cover everyone, such as early childhood day care and quality food. “A child who develops poorly in early childhood causes us to lose productivity in the future.”

“I like to see people empowering themselves, strengthening their own critical sense”

Asked about the possibility of running, Prioli does not say yes or no. “I don’t say never forever, because we changed our minds, but today is not my interest. I think I do a better job occupying the space I do,” she declares. She completes by saying that there is a culture of approximation in politics in search of loyalty, something she doesn’t like. “As I have no expectations of elective office or appointment, I can say that no one will have any proximity to me. I will maintain my independence to speak my mind.”

Looking back on her own content creation, the presenter proudly says that she enjoys seeing the transformation in her audience. “I like to see people empowering themselves, strengthening their own critical sense, appropriating their convictions and facing life with more freedom and awareness”, she celebrates. When someone says that keeping up with her work has had a positive effect on her life, Gabi realizes that it pays to be canceled as many times as it takes in the process.

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