Globo director takes a position on hiring Jade Picon: “It had a lot to do”

Ricardo Waddington, director of Globo, takes a public position on the hiring of Jade Picon for the cast of Travessia

Ricardo Waddingtonentertainment director at Rede Globo, decided to comment on the controversial casting of Jade Picon for the cast of Crossingthe channel’s next 9 pm soap opera.

In an interview with columnist Guilherme Ravachefrom Splash UOL, the executive gave his opinion and commented on the controversy that the famous would only have been hired for having millions of followers on social networks.

According to him, the way Jade Picon dealt with different situations and communicated both inside and outside the BBB22 made him enter the radar of Globo’s artistic core. It was then that the invitation to audition came, earning him a role in the work of Gloria Perez.

“We saw that it had a lot to do. From there, we went back, did tests. Jade’s physical type, plus the temperament she showed at BBB, the way she communicated with people in the house and with the public, all of this qualified her to audition for a character who had these same characteristics”, told Ricardo Waddington.

In addition, he also denied that having millions of followers on social networks is a requirement to be currently hired by Globo. “It depends on the nature of the project, but as far as dramaturgy is concerned, there is no interference. That’s not what will dictate the choice. On commercial projects, probably some. There is no resistance, but neither is there an effort (to choose digital influencers). The lineup meets other criteria.”.


klara brown declined an invitation to participate in the Date this Monday (27). According to Globo’s executive director of journalism, Mariano Bonithe broadcaster invited the young woman to talk to Fátima Bernardes regarding the exposure of her pregnancy, but refused.

The revelation was made at the press conference in which the channel presented the reformulation of the station’s mornings and published by NaTelinha. “If she wanted to, she could go. She didn’t want to but she was called“, he assured.

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