Government reaffirms position on abortion in Brazil. Understand

The Ministry of Health held this Tuesday (28) a public hearing to discuss the manual of “Technical Attention for Prevention, Evaluation and Conduct in Abortion Cases”, launched on June 7, which was repudiated by several institutions that defend the women’s health because it contains information that, for example, criminalizes abortion even in the case of rape.

Among the information highlighted in the booklet is that abortion is not a public health issue, that there is no legal abortion in Brazil, but that it is not punishable. During the event presented by the secretary of Primary Health Care of the folder, Raphael Câmara reinforced his opposition to some positions on abortion. “This society thinks it’s normal and right to kill the baby at 7 or 8 months in the belly. I don’t want to be part of society,” he said.

The secretary has already positioned himself in previous moments against the legalization of abortion and in favor of methods that limit the access of women who have been victims of rape. The Chamber is still in favor of adopting an exhaustive list of diseases that may compromise the health of pregnant women, limiting the access of women who need legal abortion because they are in a high-risk pregnancy.

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According to data from the Ministry of Health, 47 women died as a result of abortion in 2019. Among the cases are hemorrhage, ectopic pregnancies and infections. With that, the Secretary asks: is it really a serious public health issue?

“The number of women who died from abortion for any reason in 2019 is 47. How many of them are illegal? It’s impossible to know, because they don’t have this data. With great goodwill, half that number would be due to illegal abortion. This is a problem public health? On the other hand, it would kill thousands of babies,” he said.

Raphael also questions who says that black women are the biggest victims. “Saying that the black race dies more than the white race does not reflect the official numbers of the Ministry of Health. Anyone who wants to discuss, has to bring other numbers and sources”, he added. In the table presented at the hearing, in 2020 in Brazil, 246 white women died from abortion, while 479 black and brown women died.

According to the Commission arns, the booklet that seeks to instruct health professionals, lies. “Over the course of 68 pages, false information accumulates in total disregard for the lives of women and, contrary to what it claims to believe, with the undisguised intention of overcoming Brazilian legislation and science itself”, says a text published in the Commission’s column in UOL

Other institutions such as the Brazilian Association of Collective Health (Abrasco), the Brazilian Center for Health Studies (Cebes), the Medical Network for the Right to Decide, the Feminist Network of Gynecologists and Obstetricians and the Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender (Anis) also repudiated the document.

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