Jove tells Juma’s plans and José Leôncio sees the sky fall apart


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In addition to all the changes already brought about in Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) since he started his relationship with Juma (Alanis Guillen), the boy promises to follow this path of transformations in the soap opera wetland.

He has a conversation with José Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira)) in the next chapters and leaves the father worried with an account. The boy tells that the heiress of Maria Marruá (Juliana Paes) hopes that the two live together in the tapera now that the relationship is taking more serious courses.

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Jove, by the way, is the one who gets scared during a conversation with Mariana (Selma Egrei) in previous chapters. That’s because the death of Madeleine (Karine Teles) is again a subject. The veteran finds herself with a “flea in her ear” regarding her daughter who passed away after a tragic helicopter accident.

the mother of Sister (Camila Morgado) talks about it with her grandson and it scares him. She asks her brother Jose Lucas (Irandhir Santos) if he thinks it possible that Madeleine is still alive.

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