Justice converts into preventive arrest of suspect of killing elderly couple with stab wounds: ‘A bit extremely cruel’, cites judge | Rio de Janeiro

The Justice of the River converted into preventive the arrest of Cristiano Lacerda, the main suspect in stabbing an elderly couple to death in the early hours of Saturday (25), in Jardim Botânico, in the South Zone. He had already been arrested for the crime.

Cristiano, 49, is a frigate captain and ex-boyfriend of Felipe Coelho, son of Geraldo Coelho, 73, and Osélia Coelho, 72. They will be buried in Fortaleza.

The defense asked for the military’s provisional release, but, during the custody hearing, the Justice rejected it and converted the arrest in flagrante delicto into preventive. According to the judge, the measure aims to guarantee public order.

Cristiano Lacerda is suspected of murdering his boyfriend’s parents, Geraldo and Osélia – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

“The seriousness of the conduct is very accentuated and indicates the most absolute inadequacy of the custodian to social life, since he took the lives of the victims using an extremely cruel means, taking advantage of the condition of the elderly, of the close relationship and using of appeal that made it impossible to defend both, since the couple would be sleeping”, says judge Rachel Assad da Cunha, of the 17th Criminal Court.

The magistrate also cites information added to the file that Cristiano had already “tried to kill an ex-wife and killed himself trying to collide with the vehicle he was driving, corroborating the inadequacy of social life”.

Cristiano was transferred from the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, in Gávea, to the Marcílio Dias Naval Hospital, in Lins, in the North Zone, where he is in custody.

Elderly couple killed in Jardim Botânico to be buried in Fortaleza

Elderly couple killed in Jardim Botânico to be buried in Fortaleza

  • ‘It’s unimaginable. I don’t want to talk about him’, says son of dead couple

English teacher and digital influencer Felipe Coelho defines parents as the foundation of the family — Photo: Felipe Coelho/ Personal archive

According to investigations, Felipe and Cristiano still lived together in the same apartment, despite being in the process of separating.

The reason for the end of the relationship would be a fight, which took place two months ago, in which Cristiano would have attacked Felipe.

Last Friday night (24), Cristiano had a crisis of jealousy because Felipe went out alone to a party in Ipanema, in the South Zone. To get revenge, he would have killed the ex-boyfriend’s parents, who were in their apartment.

Cristiano even called Felipe asking him to come home, saying that his mother would be sick. When the teacher got home, the parents were dead, lying on the sofa bed in the apartment’s living room.

The suspect was found drugged in the couple’s apartment. Cristiano was caught red-handed and taken into custody at the hospital.

The Homicide Department continues to investigate the case.

‘It’s unimaginable,’ says couple’s son

Son of the elderly couple killed in an apartment in Jardim Botânico, in the South Zone of Rio, spoke about his parents before leaving for Fortaleza — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

The son of the dead elderly couple made a point of highlighting that the parents were loving people.

During the departure to Fortaleza, the parents’ hometown, English teacher Felipe Coelho did not want to talk much about the suspect in the crime, the ex-boyfriend.

“This is beyond any rationality, any predictability, any hint of possibility. It’s unimaginable. I don’t want to talk about him,” she stated.

The retired bodies should arrive in the capital of Ceará on Tuesday (28). Burial will be at Jardim Metropolitano Cemetery.

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