Klara Castanho – Reader criticizes Metrópoles and director retorts: “How about consuming Folha, Estadão, O Globo?!”

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The repercussion of the disclosure of the rape of Globo actress Klara Castanho, who became pregnant and decided to give the child up for adoption following all legal procedures, by columnist Léo Dias – along with Bolsonarista actress Antônia Fontenelle – has still disturbed the newsroom of the Metrópoles portal.

After announcing that she had the report removed from the air and Léo Dias’ apology, the portal’s editorial director, Lilian Tahan, was irritated by criticism from a reader on Twitter.

In the publication, the reader identified as Leandro attacks the journalist who, according to him, is defending Dias.

“It’s all explained, the director of the portal, in order not to expose the deplorable role of this type of sewer journalism that Metrópoles prestige, hides behind her “cleanest” journalist to try to minimize the rotten columnist’s scoundrels, and retweets the post his. Garbage,” the tweet reads.

The portal’s editorial director, then, goes up, cites the liberal media’s competitors, says it’s “repression” and mocks the criticism.

“How about consuming Folha, Estadão, O Globo?! Make yourself comfortable. You’re not tied to us. Although you pay us a lot of attention. I think it’s repression, huh. We have all kinds of journalism, even for you: animal section (scrotos )”, retorts Lilian Tahan.

Fontenelle attacks Renata Ceribelli, from Fantástico

In the early hours of the morning, Fontenelle attacked journalist Renata Ceribelli, from Globo, and the program Fantástico, which published a report on the case.

A constant supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the actress who is affiliated with the Republicans, also recorded a video in which she defends Léo Dias, from Metrópoles.

“For the sake of justice, I have to say that, this time, even Leo Dias himself protected Clara and offered to help”, he says – watch it here.

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