Livelo and Latam Pass Boomerang offers 35% bonus and up to 35% points back

Livelo and Latam Pass started today another edition of the famous “Boomerangue” promotion. Participants who transfer points by tomorrow (28/06) receive up to 35% bonus points on the Latam Pass and up to 35% of Livelo points transferred back.

The minimum transfer is 15,000 points and it is mandatory to check the option “I want to activate the campaign and I authorize the sharing of my CPF and e-mail with the Latam Pass” on the page to send the points to participate.

How does the promotion work?

The Latam Pass bonus is 35% for Club Latam Pass customers who have joined up to 05/20/2022 and 25% for other participants. In addition to the bonus, customers still receive 35% of points back if they are from Clube Livelo or 25% for others.

The campaign is not cumulative with the extra points of the Club Latam Pass plans, contracted as of 01/11/2018.

The bonus will be limited to 150,000 points in each program and will be credited within 20 working days after the end of the promotion and will be valid for 24 months, just like the transferred points.

Check out the full regulation and register on the promotion page.

Example of transferring 100,000 Livelo points to Latam Pass

For example, a customer who sends 100,000 Livelo points will receive 35,000 points back if they subscribe to Clube Livelo and 35,000 bonus points on Latam Pass. So the final cost will be 65,000 Livelo points to receive 135,000 Latam Pass points. That is, it is as if the participant received a bonus of approximately 107%.

Livelo offers up to 50% discount on the purchase of points

At the same time, Livelo is selling points with up to 50% off until 06/30/2022 for Club customers. The biggest discount is for members who have been subscribers for more than 12 months and the others get a 45% discount. Those who take advantage of both promotions can generate 1,000 Latam Pass points for up to R$16.90.

Find out more on the promotion website.

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