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After much controversy with the ex-manager, who alleges he is being threatened with death, Iran Ferreira, the Mason’s Glove
will have his career commanded, from now on, by the ex-futsal player Hawk
. The information is from journalist Diego Sangermano, from SBT News.

According to him, Mason’s Glove
will be backed by the company, created by the futsal legend earlier this year.

“I directed him to wonderful people and wonderful teams. I’m sure they will make him grow a lot, and it will be very important for him, for his financial growth. And his parents will participate in everything”, he said. Hawk
to the source cited.

The former player also revealed that all stages of the contract and partnerships with Mason’s Glove
will be done in the open. “Everything that arrives they will know. The idea is for them to be on a day-to-day basis, so there won’t be any contracts that he doesn’t know about. They will participate in everything”, he guaranteed.

Iran Ferreira, 20, is currently the most followed football influencer on Instagram, with over 14 million supporters. On TikTok there are more than 17 million subscribers. The name Mason’s Glove
in turn, makes reference to the gloves used by young people to play soccer.

In the last week, however, he found himself in the midst of a great controversy, which began when the young Bahian announced a break in recording videos. Then, the story gained more strength on social media when columnist Leo Dias pointed out that the young man would only have about R$ 7,500 in his bank account.

In turn, the until then entrepreneur responsible for the career of Mason’s Glove
Allan de Jesus, tried to justify what had happened and stated that some contracts had not yet been paid.

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