Man has penis operated upon introducing a chain of balls for pleasure

Suffering from sharp pains in the penis, a man had to be rushed to a hospital in Taipei (Taiwan). Doctors discovered that he had inserted a chain with metal balls into his urethra with the aim of increasing the pleasure of masturbation.

Complaining a lot about the pain, which he described as “electric shocks”, he had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure to remove the metal chain.

Doctors in New Taipei, Taiwan, found that the patient, in his 30s, tried to “reach orgasm” by inserting the object into his urethra. The sizable chain of beads was embedded inside his cock, and he couldn’t remove it for fear of further injuring himself. He also couldn’t go to the bathroom.

To remove the chain, surgeons had to make an incision in the man's penis and then reconstruct his urethra.

To remove the chain, surgeons had to make an incision in the man’s penis and then reconstruct his urethra.

Image: Reproduction/Taipei Medical University

Desperate, the man consulted on May 26 with doctors at Shuang-Ho Hospital of Taipei Medical University. At a press conference, urologist Gao Weichang, who treated the patient, said: “The patient did not know how to remove the chain at home. He was already injured and the chain was stuck. But if he tried to remove it, his entire urethra could have been damaged.”

The doctor added that under normal circumstances the chain should have slipped out, but the man’s urethra was tight due to tension.

Weichang said the man was experiencing “severe discomfort” and the pellets were affecting the sensitive nerves in his genital organ, causing “sharp pain like electric shocks”.

The surgeons had to “open” his penis to untie the knot that had formed in the chain before reconstructing his urethra in a complicated but successful procedure.

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