Man uses scale to weigh steak at restaurant to prove his meal is underweight

In an unusual story, a man used a scale to weigh his steak in a restaurant to prove that his meal was underweight.

Antonio Chacon said his steak “looked like a kid’s meal” and claims he was able to prove it was false advertising, as detailed by The Mirror.

Antonio had gone to the United States for a birthday with his family when he ordered his favorite meal.

But when the 22-year-old’s food was served, he said he noticed that the piece looked “very small”.

Disgusted by the situation, he stated that he then ran to his car and brought his scale, placing it on the table while the waiter looked on in “shock”.

He then complained that the piece weighed almost half of what had been advertised (180 g) – prompting the chef to redo his meal.

Man uses scale to weigh steak at restaurant to prove his meal is underweight

After his visit, Antonio shared a post online naming and shaming the restaurant – which left people divided.

Several users have argued that the listed weight of the meat is from before it is cooked, not after.

Also according to the information, the case happened last year and went viral again on social media. Check out:

Text with information from The Mirror website

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