Milton Neves scores Emelec vs Atlético-MG for Libertadores today

Milton Neves scores Emelec vs Atlético-MG for Libertadores today

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Emelec x Atlético-MG is one of the games that will liven up the night of Libertadores da América today and, in Milton Neves’ view, the duel already has its score defined and it is with a quiet and without scares victory of the unbeatable Galo mineiro.

In his column on UOL Esporte, Milton Neves guaranteed that Atlético-MG should win the game with ease and bet on the score of 3 to 1 for Galo in the duel against Emelec, away from home.

“But what about the Rooster? Atlético-MG must also resolve their life today. Emelec usually gives work to Brazilian teams, it’s true. But, packed, the Rooster becomes practically unbeatable. I bet on a 3-1 for Maior de Minas there in Ecuador”, wrote Milton.

Atlético-MG has five absences against Emelec in Libertadores today

Despite being packed with three consecutive victories, Atlético-MG continues without being able to count on its entire squad. Among the absences are three players handed over to the Medical Department, namely: Jair, Nacho Fernández and Keno. The side Mariano was released to solve particular problems, and Neto, with suspicion of flu, closes Atlético’s list of embezzlement.

Guga, who started tonight, gave a press conference and projected the confrontation soon. “We have to pay extra attention. These are games decided in detail. We need to reduce errors and dispute every ball, every tackle. We know the importance of winning and we came for it,” he said.

“Of course, in this marathon of games we ended up having little time for training. You can’t wear out that much, depending on the number of matches. We worked a lot on the tactical part”, he highlighted. “Turco is a special guy who wants the best for everyone. And we also want the best for him. I believe this is the path to success in the season,” he concluded.

A probable team of AtléticMG against Emelec has: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Otávio and Nacho Fernández; Vargas, Ademir and Hulk

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