MP asks police to investigate violation of nurse’s professional secrecy

Klara Castanho case: MP asks police to investigate violation of nurse's professional secrecy

Klara Castanho case: MP asks police to investigate violation of nurse’s professional secrecy

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The Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP) informed, through a note sent to the Earth this Monday, 27, who asked the police authority to investigate a possible violation of professional secrecy of the nurse who threatened and may have leaked data on actress Klara Castanho. The artist revealed that she became pregnant after rape and that she gave the baby up for adoption.

In a note, the agency highlights that the Children’s and Santo André Public Prosecutor’s Office informs that the entire procedure for delivering the newborn for adoption fully followed the procedure provided for in the Statute of Children and Adolescents.

“With respect to the alleged violation of professional secrecy, the investigation has already been requested to the Police Authority, as well as the fact, as already publicly reported, will be investigated in the spheres of professional bodies. will observe the secrecy that the matter requires”, added the MP, in a note.

The Regional Nursing Council of São Paulo (Coren-SP) had already declared this Sunday, 26, that it will investigate the complaint made by the actress. In a letter, the young woman revealed that a nurse had threatened the disclosure of information about the voluntary delivery for adoption of the baby she was carrying. Coren also expressed solidarity with the young woman.

remember the case

Rumors about the case emerged after youtuber Antonia Fontenelle said live that “a 21-year-old global actress would have gotten pregnant and donated the child for adoption”. Klara then decided to publish her account on social media. “I can’t be silent when I see people conspiring and creating versions of repulsive violence and trauma that I suffered.”

In the text, the actress says she was raped and became pregnant, even though she took precautions after the violence. Months later, almost at the end of the pregnancy, when she felt sick, she discovered the pregnancy.

“It was a shock. My world fell apart. My menstrual cycle was normal, so was my body. I hadn’t gained weight or belly. I was still trying to pick up the pieces when I had to deal with the information of having a baby. violence that destroyed me as a woman,” she wrote.

She said the doctor who saw her had “no empathy” for her. “This professional forced me to listen to the child’s heart, said that 50% of the DNA was mine and that I would be forced to love him.”

Not having “emotional conditions to give this child the love, care and everything she deserves”, Klara sought out a lawyer and made the decision to give her up for adoption as soon as she was born. “I went through all the procedures: psychologist, prosecutor, judge, hearing – all mandatory steps. A process that, by the law itself, guarantees confidentiality for me and for the child.”

However, according to her, confidentiality was not respected. “On the day the child was born, I, still anesthetized from postpartum, was approached by a nurse who was in the operating room. She asked questions and threatened: ‘Imagine if such a columnist discovers this story’.” Upon arriving in the room, she came across messages from the columnist, with all the information. A second blogger also picked her up days later.

“Just the fact that they knew, shows that the professionals who should have protected me in a moment of extreme pain and vulnerability, who have a legal obligation to respect the secrecy of delivery, were not ethical, had no respect for me or the child,” he said.

With the publication of the letter, the actress received messages of support from other artists and netizens, who also questioned the conduct of the doctor, the nurse and the columnists.

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