netizens revolt at the call of the new “Meeting”

Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares at Globo (Photo: Kelly Fuzaro/Globo)

Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares at Globo (Photo: Kelly Fuzaro/Globo)

Globo announced changes in the morning and left the public intrigued with a TV spot. The video shows Ana Maria Braga interacting with Patrícia Poeta, who will take over the “Encontro” alongside Manoel Soares, after Fátima Bernardes leaves for “The Voice Brasil”. The problem is that at no time was Manoel mentioned in the VT. Poet even said the following sentence: “The ‘Meeting’ is now with me”.

For some netizens, Globo was wrong to ignore the presenter in the attraction’s call and showed that he will only be an adjunct in the “Meeting”. The case generated comments about structural racism, as Maria Beltrão also participated in the video to talk about the new “É De Casa” and Thiago Oliveira and Rita Batista, as well as Soares, did not appear or were mentioned in the VT.

Manoel Soares gained prominence on social media recently for positioning himself in the face of a case of racism at the station. The presenter was praised when he noticed a racist attitude from his friend Talitha Morete in “É De Casa”. On the occasion, the journalist made a black cocada seller serve whoever was on the sofa of the program. Manoel got up quickly and served everyone in her place.

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