Pantanal: Maria Bruaca infuriates Tenório with a name change in bed and he puts her against the wall: “You speak in Levi”


The farmer will question the wife about her relationship with the farmhand.

Maria Bruaca and Tenório - Image: Reproduction/Globo
Maria Bruaca and Tenório – Image: Reproduction/Globo

In the next chapters ofwetland”, the relationship of Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) and tenorio (Murilo Benício) will get even more complicated. This is because the housewife will call her husband Levi (Leandro Lima), and will end up making him furious with the name change.

The scene, scheduled to air later this week, shows Tenório arriving determined to have a night with his wife. However, Bruaca will dodge his ulterior motives. “You used to live with fire in your tarraqueta and now you seem to have lost your taste for the thing. All you think about is sleeping… And you sleep like a pig!”, will shoot the farmer.

Sleepily, Bruaca will let out: “Go away, Levi… Now I don’t want to!” Outraged by the name change, Tenório will be furious and wake up his wife, demanding what name he called her by. “Are you talking about Levi…”. She, however, will make a lame excuse to wind her husband up about the betrayal. “Did I say Levi? Ah, that’s funny.” Bruaca will answer, laughing at herself. “I prayed an Our Father for that poor guy’s gun, before going to bed… Maybe that was it.”

The excuse doesn’t convince Tenório, who gets angry and goes back to questioning Bruaca about what she had with the pawn. “Everything you could imagine… And a little bit of what you can’t even imagine… But only in a dream. Now let me sleep in a country I want to see if I can dream again!” Guta’s mother will answer, leaving her husband perplexed.

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