Project exhibits flying hotel capable of going years without landing; watch video – Technology

“A futuristic hotel above the clouds”, capable of accommodating 5,000 guests without having to land for years. This is the concept of Sky Cruise, the design of a mega-aircraft for the purpose of hosting that was presented by one of its creators, science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili, on YouTube. The information is from Extra.

The huge undertaking is a cross between a cruise ship and a space station and, according to the creators, it would “never run out of fuel”, staying aloft for years.

Piloted by artificial intelligence (AI), the flying hotel would have its own disc-shaped observation tower, where passengers could see the surrounding landscapes, high up, “above the clouds”, as the video published by Al-Ghaili explains. .


Electric motors

According to the video, the Sky Cruise would have 20 electric motors, responsible for propulsion of the structure, powered only by a “small nuclear reactor” working under a highly controlled fusion reaction.

Any turbulence or other problems during flights would be predicted and analyzed by the futuristic vehicle’s AI.

The project also announced that guests would fly to the hotel on commercial or private jets and leave the hotel in the same way. In addition, all vehicle repairs would be done in the air.

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