Russia says Ukraine is to blame for missile at Kiev residential building

Russia says Ukraine is to blame for missile at Kiev residential building

Smoke after missile attack in Kiev, Ukraine

LONDON (Reuters) – Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday denied responsibility for a missile that hit a residential building in Kiev over the weekend, saying it was likely caused by a failure in Ukraine’s air defense system.

Missiles hit the Ukrainian capital Kiev for the first time in weeks on Sunday. Ukraine said an apartment block and a site next to a kindergarten were hit, with US President Joe Biden saying the attacks were further evidence of Russia’s “barbarism” in its offensive against Ukraine. .

In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday it fired four missiles that hit their target, a weapons factory in Kiev.

However, the ministry said it believed that a Ukrainian Buk missile defense system had mistakenly intercepted an S-300 air defense missile fired by Ukraine, which then “fell into a residential building”.

“The regime in Kiev tried to intercept high-precision Russian missiles with anti-aircraft weapons stationed in the city,” the Defense Ministry said.

Instead, “due to the lack of linkage of air defense systems and radio equipment launchers located in urban areas, two S-300 anti-aircraft missiles were shot down in the air by Ukrainian Buks. Presumably, one of the anti-aircraft missiles landed on a residential building.”

Moscow has repeatedly denied attacking civilian areas in what it calls a special military operation, despite widespread footage of destroyed residential buildings and a United Nations (UN) estimate that at least 4,731 civilians have been killed since the Russian invasion on 24 December. of February.


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