Salario do Louro Mané, new mascot for “Mais Você” is revealed; artist behind the puppet has signed a contract with TV Globo

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The new parrot on the show has been on the air for just over a month

Louro Mané - Image: Reproduction/Globo
Louro Mané – Image: Reproduction/Globo

Louro Manéson and substitute of the eternal Louro Joséplayed by Tom Veiga – actor who passed away in 2020, seems to be here to stay. Who gives life to the new mascot of “Mais Você” is Fabio Caniattowhich has already won a impressive salary in TV Globo programming.

According to columnist Fefito, from the UOL website, Fabio receives around R$50,000 per month from the broadcasterwith a contract in force until 2023. In addition, he can still earn 15% of the value of a merchandising actionif it is part of the advertisement during the program.

According to the columnist, the artist behind the puppet is an extremely skilled actor and, therefore, it justifies the high value of its contract. Fabio is an actor, director, Master in Arts from the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and researcher of mask languages ​​and puppet manipulation.

It is worth remembering that, starting next month, the Louro Mané and the presenter who runs TV Globo’s morning program, Ana Maria Braga, will be seen later in the broadcaster’s schedule. This is because the times of “Mais Você” and “Encontro” will be reversed.

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