Santander launches challenge and pays up to R$100: see how to get it

Santander is giving up to R$100 credit on the card bill to anyone who wants to participate in the Santander Challenge campaign.

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O Santander is giving up to R$100 credit on the card bill to anyone who wants to participate in the Santander Challenge campaign. However, in order to receive the award, the client needs to perform some tasks. The campaign will run until July 31. Check out more about the news below.

There will be five challenges to complete in total, each of which works independently. So, if the user registers for the campaign and completes any of the tasks, he will receive the amount of R$ 20. If he completes two tasks, he will receive R$ 40, and so on.

Santander challenges

The campaign started on June 6th and will end on July 31st. In light of the above, there are five Santander challenges, see below.

  • challenge #1: Hire a credit card – in addition to hiring a new card from the bank, it is necessary to make a first credit purchase by July 31st. Online card transactions are accepted;
  • challenge #2: Hire additional credit card – add a new credit card to the holder. It can be an additional card or Santander Pass, being a sticker, bracelet or watch tag. It is also necessary to make a first purchase on the card by July 31;
  • challenge #3: Make 3 purchases using the online card generated in the Way app until July 31st. Each transaction will be worth at least R$50;
  • challenge #4: Upgrade the card by exchanging a card for another of a higher category, unlock it and make a first purchase on credit until July 31st.
  • challenge #5: Register for Open Finance until July 31 through the Way app.

How to participate in this campaign?

Now, if you are interested and want to participate in the Desafio Santander campaign, the process is quick and very simple. All you need to do is register for the promotion and complete some or all of the above challenges. The credit will be deposited until August 31st on the card statement.

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