see what would be the price of gasoline and diesel

The driver who has had the opportunity to participate in a tax-free day initiative knows the difference that this charge makes in the final price of fuel. The values ​​are surprising and represent a huge savings in the family budget. Check gas and diesel prices excluding taxes.

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The curiosity is even greater now because of the expected reduction in pumps with the ICMS limitation. Despite all the expectations of drivers, the government’s attempt to reduce prices could have an impact. Minimum given the recent increases in the liter of fuel.

Gasoline and diesel tax free

On Petrobras’ website, the state company makes clear how gasoline prices are established, starting with its own percentage, which is 39.3%.

Let’s consider that the value of a liter is R$ 7.23. Of this total, R$ 2.84 stays with Petrobras. Taxes are also included in the price composition. federalwhich is 9.5% and results in about R$ 0.69.

Following this sum, state taxes represent 24.2% (about R$ 1.75). There is still the cost of anhydrous ethanol of 13.1%, which is R$ 0.95 in the price composition. Finally, 13.8% of distributors keep R$ 1.

Thus, if the price of fuel is considered without the incidence of federal and state taxes, gasoline would cost the driver the average price of R$ 4.79, not R$ 7.23. But of course this is just an example, since in most states the liter of gasoline is more than R$8.

The tax-free diesel bill would also represent a big savings. Considering an average price in Brazil of R$ 7.03, Petrobras takes the share of R$ 4.52 (64.3%).

With federal taxes zeroedthe sum considers R$ 0.84 for the state share (11.9%), in addition to 10.4% of biodiesel – around R$ 0.73 – and another 13.4% for distribution and resale, which would keep R$ 0.94 of the average price of diesel.

On the Petrobras website, the consumer can see the calculation according to the tax charged by each of the Brazilian states, so they can get to the price composition and the tax-free difference.

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