see who leads, according to Real Time Big Data

THE election poll Real Time Big Data, released at the end of this Monday (27), shows the intention to vote for the dispute for government of Pernambuco. The numbers, released by Record, indicate stability at the top of the ranking, but, for the first time, Danilo Cabral (PSB) appears with two digits.

According to the election poll, Marilia Arraes (SD) leads with a ten percentage point advantage over Raquel Lyra (PSDB). According to the Exame/Ideia survey, released earlier this month, the deputy led, but in a technical tie with the former mayor.

On the bottom, Danilo Cabral reached double digits for the first time. Although it is not possible to make a direct comparison, the number indicates that the governing candidate may have started to grow. He appears tied with Miguel Coelho (UB) and just behind Anderson Ferreira (PL). Check the ranking:

  1. Marília Arraes (SD): 27%
  2. Raquel Lyra (PSDB): 18%
  3. Anderson Ferreira (PL): 12%
  4. Danilo Cabral (PSB): 10%
  5. Miguel Coelho (UB): 10%
  6. João Arnaldo (PSOL): 1%
  7. Wellington Carneiro (PTB): 1%
  8. Jones Manoel (PCB): 1%
  9. Esteves Jacinto (PRTB): 0%
  10. Jadilson Firefighter (PMB): 0%
  11. Claudia Ribeiro (PSTU): 0%
  12. Blanks and Nulls: 9%
  13. Did not know or did not answer: 11%

The Real Time Big Data poll polled 1,500 voters between June 24th and 25th. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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