Son of elderly couple stabbed to death in Rio talks about the crime: “It’s unimaginable”

While embarking for Fortaleza, the family’s hometown, the son of the elderly couple stabbed to death in Rio de Janeiro spoke, for the first time, about what had happened. Without saying much about the main suspect in the crime – her ex-boyfriend, Navy officer Cristiano Lacerda – Felipe Coelho showed his disbelief at what happened.

This is beyond any rationality, any predictability, any hint of possibility. It’s unimaginable. I don’t want to talk about him (the ex)”, he revealed to RJ1, from Globo. “There were many people affected. A whole family completely desolate, with no floor“, vented the English teacher. He also said that he is not sure if he will remain in Rio de Janeiro, as he had moved there because of his relationship, but that he has ties to the city. “I don’t know what I’m going to do now, I’m going to spend some time with my family. And I will think. I have a job, I can’t afford it, I have my students“, he scored.

In the early hours of Saturday (25), Felipe found his parents dead in the house he shared with his ex (despite being separated, the two continued to live under the same roof) in the South Zone of the city. Geraldo Coelho, 73, and Osélia Coelho, 72, were visiting Rio until Tuesday (28), when they would return to the capital of Ceará. Now, the couple’s bodies should arrive at Fortaleza on this date, heading for burial at Jardim Metropolitano Cemetery.

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According to the teacher, the parents were happy to visit the city they lived in in the 1960s: “They complemented each other, because my father was super quiet and liked to stay at home. My mother liked to go out, to walk, she loved to travel. They were enjoying the rides.”

Through social networks, he shared a few moments of the two strolling through the tourist attractions in Rio. “The pain is immeasurable and unbearable. We are completely desolate, but love remains forever. They are in the Father’s arms. We appreciate the messages of support at this very painful time.”wrote in the caption of the shared video.

According to information from the Civil Police, the main suspect is that the murders were motivated by jealousy. That’s because, on the same night, Felipe went to a party alone – which would have caused the suspect’s ire. Cristiano was caught red-handed and taken to hospital, as he was unconscious and with a bruise on his hand. On Monday (27), he was transferred from Hospital Miguel Couto to Hospital Naval Marcílio Dias, where he remains in custody.

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