Those who invested in Eletrobras with the FGTS see shares yield almost 6%

THE electrobras is considered the largest electric energy company in Latin America. Only 15 days after the offer of shares for the privatization process, which took place on June 9, the company saw its shares rise by almost 6%.

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The process of privatization of Eletrobras fixed the price of each share at R$ 42 and moved around R$ 33.7 billion. Last Friday, the 24th, the company’s assets rose 5.67%, trading on the day at R$ 44.38.

Best FGTS yield

In the first two offering sessions, in which ten sessions were held on the Brazilian stock exchange, the company’s shares fell, reaching around R$40 on June 23. However, there was a recovery and an increase of almost 6% soon after.

In this sense, Brazilians who used the resources of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), for example, already had gains in profitability in these two weeks, as the annual remuneration of the fund is only 3%.

Privatization of Eletrobras

The purchase of Eletrobras papers with the FGTS had the adhesion of 350 thousand workers. Due to high demand, the ceiling defined for the use of resources exceeded 50%, allowing only 66.8% of the indicated amount to be effectively directed to the purchase of shares.

The privatization process of the energy company is considered one of the largest in the world this year, with a turnover of R$ 33.7 billion. To give you an idea, the operation is the main one on the Stock Exchange since the capitalization of Petrobras, which reached R$ 100 billion in 2012.

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