Vasco adds a reply to the process and counters Flamengo’s contestation: “Maracanã is not the defendant’s” | football

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The clubs wage a war of narratives in the action that runs in the 51st Civil Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ). The expectation is that judge Alessandro Oliveira Félix will soon give his sentence in the first instance – that is, there will still be an appeal.

New Maracanã lawn has already been marked — Photo: André Durão/ge

In the petition attached to the process on Monday afternoon, Vasco highlighted an excerpt from the Term of Permission for the Use of Maracanã that says that the licensee “will manage the operation and maintenance in order to host the largest number of first-rate football matches in the stadium for the duration of the permit”.

The club once again reinforced the contractual obligation of isonomy in the treatment of clubs in Rio and cited the letter prepared by the Civil House of the State of Rio de Janeiro that supports Vasco. “(The document) attests that the refusal to lease the public property to the CRVG is unjustified”, wrote Vasco’s defense in the process.

About the report of the company that takes care of the lawn of Maracanã, saying that the performance of the Sport match can result in damage to the field, Vasco replied: “It is evident that for the company that takes care of the lawn, the fewer games the better, behold, lawn care will be – of course – simpler”.

“Despite trying to make public opinion believe, the Maracanã Stadium does not belong to the defendant Flamengo. He only has a precarious permission for use and with it the duty to allow other clubs in Rio de Janeiro to use it, renting it” .

Vasco also replied in its petition that it does not intend to send all the games at Maracanã “since it has its own stadium”.

– Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify that the author does not intend – contrary to what the defendant Flamengo alleges – to host all the matches in which he is home to Maracanã, given that it has its own stadium. So much so that the match that took place last Friday, against Operário, was held in São Januário without any request to use the Maracanã – said Vasco’s defense.

The paragraph is a likely response to this excerpt from Flamengo’s demonstration, which raised the hypothesis that allowing the match against Sport to take place will set the precedent for Vasco to take any game to Maracanã:

Excerpt from Flamengo’s demonstration in the process played by Vasco in Justice — Photo: ge

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