woman goes viral after provoking deputy with Lula’s L on SBT

The meeting between Silvio Santos and state deputy Frederico D’Ávila (PL/SP) in this Sunday’s Silvio Santos Program (27/6) gave rise to social media. That’s because while the parliamentarian was talking about his party’s support for President Jair Bolsonaro, a woman in the audience made a sign in reference to former President Lula, who is expected to run for president this year.

Apparently, the scene went unnoticed by Silvio and the program’s editing. However, it gained repercussion among viewers and netizens. “And SBT did not edit it to avoid this type of manifestation. That’s how I like it!”, commented one netizen. “L for Lula in the Silvio Santos program. The outbreak I loved,” said another.

There were also netizens questioning the legality of the politician’s participation in the program, on the eve of the general elections. “Wow, wouldn’t that be early propagation, TSE? Or can Bolsonaro’s gang do everything?”, he asked.


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