Woman provokes bolsonarista deputy and makes “L de Lula” in Silvio Santos’ program

L for Lula
A woman in the audience makes the “L” in reference to Lula while a Bolsonaro deputy talks about the PL
Photo by: Reproduction / SBT

In the “Silvio Santos” program last Sunday (26/06), the owner of SBT received the Bolsonarist deputy Frederico D’Ávila (PL/SP), who went viral on social networks. While talking about her party’s support for President Jair Bolsonaro, a woman in the audience made a sign in reference to former President Lula (PT).

The scene apparently went unnoticed by Silvio and the program’s editing. However, it gained repercussion among viewers and netizens. “And SBT did not edit it to avoid this type of manifestation. That’s how I like it!”, commented one netizen. “L for Lula in the Silvio Santos program. The outbreak I loved,” said another.

There was also questioning the legality of the politician’s participation in the program, on the eve of the general elections. “Wow, wouldn’t that be early propagation, TSE? Or can Bolsonaro’s gang do everything?”, he asked.

At the time, Frederico had gone to the trunk owner’s program to deliver an honor from the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, but he ended up being overshadowed by one of the “coworkers” who wanted to show his support for former President Lula.

Check out the video below:

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