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Widgets are ideal for quickly viewing information and accessing app features without actually opening them. With different formats and sizes, shortcuts for Android phones have features that allow you to play music tracks, view alarms and even check the temperature on your smartphone’s home screen. Several apps provide shortcuts to their services, such as Spotify and Google Maps. For the most useful widgets for customizing your home screen, see the list below.

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List gathers five widgets that can be useful in users’ daily lives; check it out — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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What are widgets and how to place them on mobile home screen?

Widgets are graphical interfaces that facilitate access to app features and tools, displayed on mobile home screens. There are information ones, which display useful contents, such as scoreboard, clock and weather forecast; collection ones, which show the same elements over and over, like gallery windows; and control ones, which allow you to perform functions of an app without having to access it directly — such as music, e-mail and device settings.

To place them on the home screen, you must have the application related to the shortcut installed on your phone. On one of the home screens, tap an empty space and hold your finger until a popup appears. Then click on “Widget”, choose a shortcut and tap on it. Then go to “Add”.

Which widgets to activate on Android phone?

The Spotify widget has a rectangular shape and has controls for playing, pausing and skipping or rewinding the track. Also, the shortcut displays the song name, artist and album photo of the song. Another point regarding the button design is that its color adjusts according to the tone of the album cover image, for example.

Despite being a simple shortcut, it is mainly useful for users who usually listen to music on their cell phone while on the move, as it allows skipping or playing tracks in a simple way. By tapping on the widget, the user can open the Spotify app.

Spotify has a widget with a track playback bar — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

The Gmail shortcut allows you to view your inbox and new sent messages. The tool has rounded corners and an initial size of 3×3, which can be adjusted. The widget also has the pen icon, which facilitates access to the message box. When tapping on an email, the user is directed to the app on the selected message screen.

Before placing the widget on the home screen, you can also choose the email categories that will be displayed in the window, such as messages marked as important or the main inbox.

Gmail widget displays inbox emails — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Google Keep has two widget templates available for use. One of them is the 3×1 dimension shortcut bar, which has buttons to create a simple note, with photos, audio or with a checklist. The other, in addition to presenting the controls for taking notes, displays the notes created. The user can still choose which types of notes they want to see on the home screen, such as reminders, all notes or just pinned ones.

Google Keep shortcut is a control and information widget — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

The battery shortcuts are used to check the percentage of charge remaining and the estimated time of operation of the cell phone. Unlike the other widgets on the list, which are already built into apps, this tool needs to be installed by the Google Play Store, like Battery Widget Reborn. The window has a 1×1 circle shape, and is surrounded by a line that displays the remaining charge. Inside the circle, the percentage or remaining battery time is shown.

By tapping on the window, it is possible to configure the tool, such as defining the type of information to be displayed, adding background to the widget, changing the color of the remaining load line and changing the thickness of the line.

Gallery widget offers greater control over cell phone load — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Another very useful widget is the temperature widget, which is quite popular among users. The window, native to the system, shows the real-time temperature of the cell phone’s location. In addition, it accompanies icons of elements of nature, such as sun, rain and cloud, which represent the weather conditions of the moment. By tapping on the widget, it is also possible to check the weather forecast for the rest of the week, in a detailed way.

Weather widget is useful The tool allows you to view temperatures without having to look for the information in search engines or external apps. — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

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