Almost 11 thousand jobs will close in Alagoas in 2022

Then come the activities related to commerce (+47,557 posts); industry (+46,975 jobs); construction (+35,445 posts) and, finally, agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture (+26,747 posts). All five Brazilian regions had a positive balance, especially the Center-West, whose index varied by 0.94%, with a balance of 33,978 formal job vacancies. Then comes the North (+0.82%, +16,091 posts, respectively); Northeast (+0.73%, +48,847 posts); Southeast (+0.69%, +147,846 stations) and South (+0.33%, +25,585 stations).

The federative units with the highest monthly balance were São Paulo, with a positive result of 85,659 jobs (a positive change of 0.67% compared to April); Minas Gerais (+29,970 posts or +0.68%) and Rio de Janeiro (+20,226 posts, +0.61%). Sergipe: (+855 posts, +0.30%); Roraima (+494 stations, +0.75%) and Amapá (+334 stations, +0.46%) were the states with the lowest balance.

In the month, there were 24,094 admissions and 18,284 dismissals in the form of intermittent work, leaving a balance of 5,810 jobs. Two hundred and eighty-six workers signed more than one contract as part-time workers. From the point of view of economic activities, the balance of employment in the intermittent work modality was distributed by Services (+4,505 posts), General industry (+1,117 posts), Construction (+436 posts), Agriculture (+303 posts) and Commerce (-551 posts).

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