Alta Floresta records two more deaths as a result of Covid – Highlights – Nativa News

The number of active cases of covid-19 in the municipality of Alta Floresta has shown a constant low in recent weeks, according to an epidemiological bulletin issued late this Monday afternoon (27) by the Municipal Health Department, only 174 active cases.

Data from the current bulletin present two new deaths, one occurred on June 22, being an elderly woman of 80 years, who had Arterial Hypertension; Cardiovascular; Diabetes Mellitus type II, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dyslipidemia, Hypothyroidism. The second death was recorded on June 26, another 86-year-old woman, who had Alzheimer’s.

Alta Floresta records that 17,615 people have already contracted the disease, 17,268 have recovered and 173 correspond to patients with the disease who died.

In the last 24 hours, 62 new cases of the disease were confirmed, 46 new cases of people diagnosed as recovered and 33 suspects awaiting results.

Data regarding the condition/classification of patients admitted to the Albert Sabin Regional Hospital are no longer published, where the classification from moderate to severe should be included, it is also not in the bulletin, only the number, which on June 27, 07 patients are hospitalized. In the Municipal Emergency Care (PAM), there is a patient under observation.

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