Altas Horas and Encontro generate an impasse at Globo. Understand

Starting next Monday (7/4), Globo’s morning schedule will be different, starting with Encontro e Mais Você, which will reverse schedules. However, now under the command of Patrícia Poeta, the first attraction will also be produced directly from Globo’s studios in São Paulo. But for this to be possible, who was most affected in this story was Serginho Groisman.

The LeoDias column discovered that Altas Horas will no longer have a fixed set in the main studio to make room for the new Meeting to air from Monday to Friday. Structuring Patrícia Poeta’s program in São Paulo was not an easy task for the station’s management and production, which caused tension behind the scenes and an impasse: what would Altas Horas’ fate be from now on?

Several possibilities were considered, from a live program to a recording in Rio de Janeiro, our report found. The solution, in the end, was to leave the scenery of the Encontro fixed and continue playing with a weekly adaptation to record Altas Horas, which continues to be produced on Tuesdays.

Understand the changes in Globo’s programming

The Meeting will begin shortly after Bom Dia, Brasil at 9:30 am. Presenter Manoel Soares will share the command with Poeta. The attraction by Ana Maria Braga, Mais Você, will follow, at 10:45 am, delivering to the local news program, starting at 11:45 am throughout Brazil.

É de Casa also brings news to the public: the entry of new presenters. Thiago Oliveira, Rita Batista and Maria Beltrão, in addition to Talitha Morete, who took over the program in 2021.

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