Aneel should review tariff increase for Enel Ceará and 12 other companies

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) decided, in a meeting held this Tuesday, 28, to make a new analysis on the readjustment of electricity tariffs in 13 service concessionaires in Brazil. In Ceará, the increase approved in the energy bill reached 25.12%. In Brazil, the average increase was 18%.

In some of the cases, the Agency understood that the adjustment applied already includes the return of taxes determined by Law 14.385, sanctioned on Monday, 27, by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). For these concessionaires, the readjustment will follow what had been approved.

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In the case of Enel Ceará and the other 12 concessionaires, however, the addition must be reviewed. The understanding of Aneel’s board is that they received authorization for a readjustment above that approved by the new law, and will undergo a review process. See end of text which electric power companies had the increase maintainedand which will have a new analysis by the Agency.

This does not mean, however, that the energy tariff of these concessionaires will decrease. The estimate is that the increases that were already foreseen, including the 25.12% for Ceará, are less than calculated previously.

Aneel did not inform when each company’s increase will be reassessed. There is also no forecast of how much will be reduced in the adjustment of these concessionaires.

Energy companies that had their tariff increase maintained

  1. Cemig Distribuição SA (as of June 22);
  2. Companhia Campolarguense de Energia (Cocel) (as of June 29);
  3. Copel Distribuição SA (as of June 22);
  4. Enel Distribuição São Paulo (from July 4th);
  5. Energisa Minas Gerais (from June 22nd);
  6. Energia Nova Friburgo (from June 22nd);
  7. Energisa Tocantins (from the 4th of July);
  8. RGE Sul Distribuidora de Energia SA (from June 22nd).

Energy companies that will have a revised tariff increase

  1. Celpe;
  2. CPFL Paulista;
  3. CPFL Santa Cruz;
  4. Enel Distribuição Ceará;
  5. Enel Distribution Rio;
  6. Energisa Borborema;
  7. Energisa Mato Grosso;
  8. Energisa Mato Grosso do Sul;
  9. Energisa Sergipe;
  10. Light;
  11. Neoenergia Coelba;
  12. Neoenergy Cosern;
  13. Sulgipe.

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