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Published 06/28/2022 21:55

São Paulo – Anitta, who has repeatedly opposed the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), said that she still does not know who she will vote for in this year’s presidential elections.

On Twitter, she responded to a fan’s request to take a stand in favor of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). “I still haven’t decided on my vote. I want to wait for the candidacy deadline to study the candidates and make my decision. My real desire is for Brazil to find a middle ground where the result won’t split the country in half.” and make people no longer tolerate each other,” he explained.

Then, she tells what she will take into account in the candidate: “Nothing in life can be 100% as we want. It’s a marriage. To work out, both have to want and both have to give up a little each side of something that doesn’t make much difference to one, but that, to the other, can make a lot. My wish is a tolerant, united and peaceful country to take care of what really matters instead of wasting time with discussion that doesn’t lead anywhere.”

However, the singer made it clear that she will not vote for Bolsonaro: “Obviously Voldemort is the opposite of all that, so that possibility for me doesn’t exist.”

She reinforces that she wants to study the candidates: “But I’m waiting to know who the candidates will be, to study each one of them. Follow the campaigns, analyze the chance of each one and the risks of falling back into the hands of this service that we have in Brazil today, and then I can make my decision. We have until voting day to make that decision. And I intend to use every day”.

Finally, she says that she will increasingly promote the study of politics: “One thing that I will definitely do is promote and publicize the study of basic politics for people to learn (TOGETHER WITH ME) what we will be voting on, what is the role of each and what it directly affects in our daily lives”.

The report is by Larissa Albuquerque, from iG.

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