Anitta says she is indecisive, but votes for Lula “if the scenario is this in the 1st round”

Anitta Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Anitta said she still hasn’t decided who she will vote for in this year’s election. The singer says, however, that if the scenario is Lula against Jair Bolsonaro, she will vote for the PT. “If really, as D-day approaches, the scenario is that there is already one elected in the first round, in this case, Lula or Voldemort, there is no doubt that my vote will be for Lula because I am not crazy yet”, she says. .

Despite making it clear that she will not vote for Bolsonaro, Anitta wants to “wait for the deadline for the candidacy to study the candidates” and make her decision. “My real desire is for Brazil to find a middle ground where the result will not split the country in half and make people no longer tolerate each other,” she continues.

She says candidates “have to give up a little on each side” and calls for a country “tolerant, united and at peace”. “Obviously Voldemort is the opposite of all that, so that possibility for me doesn’t exist.”

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