Another great Airbus A380 plane that would never fly again is back in the sky

Airbus A380 – Image: Nabil Molinari / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Another example of the largest passenger transport aircraft in the world, the double-decker Airbus A380, voted to make commercial flights this Tuesday, June 28.

In this case, it is another plane of the airline that no longer intended to use the model, but was forced to reactivate it due to a problem with its fleet: Qatar Airways, as a result of the dispute with Airbus in the case of the jets. A350.

The company, through its CEO Akbar Al Baker, had said during the pandemic that it would never put the model in flight again, as the purchase of the Airbus A380 was the biggest mistake in its history, as the plane is not as efficient as expected and, therefore, is extremely harmful to the environment.

However, in December 2021, with air transport demand returning and with part of Qatar’s Airbus A350s out of service due to the problem of peeling surfaces, the company had to reactivate the A380s.

Since then, several specimens are already back in the skies of the world. According to data from the RadarBox online tracking platform, six A380s, with registrations A7-APE, A7-APF, A7-APG, A7-APH, A7-API and A7-APJ, are flying from Doha to Paris, London, Bangkok and Sydney. .

And this Tuesday, the A7-APD joined them as they flew to Paris. Who informed the public about the flight was RadarBox itself on a social network:

Image: RadarBox

Among the three other A380s in Qatar’s 10-unit fleet, the A7-APC was recorded making a 26-minute local flight outside Doha this Monday, June 27, after a long layoff, so it should also return to operate commercially soon.

The A7-APA and A7-APB remain without any activity captured by the tracking platforms for months.

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