ANS temporarily suspends the sale of 70 health plans

This Monday (27), the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) announced the temporary suspension of 70 health insurance from eight different operators.

For this, more than 37 thousand consumer complaints were taken into account, registered from January to March this year. The measure is valid from June 30th and should protect about 1,400.00 beneficiaries.

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Among the operators that had plans suspended are Amil, Santo André, Esmale, Saúde Brasil, Biovida, Unimed Norte/Nordeste and Unimed-Rio. Still, according to the agency, current users of the plans will not be harmed and will be able to continue using the services normally. You can access the complete list of suspended plans here, at official note from the ANS.

Analysis of complaints

At 37 thousand complaints were analyzed through the Service Guarantee Monitoring, which monitors the health insurance sector and protects consumers from abusive practices. In general, complaints are registered related to exams and surgeries, maximum deadlines for consultations and denial of assistance coverage. Thus, an evaluation and classification of operators in bands is carried out, and finally a comparative analysis is carried out on them.

From then on, the results are released quarterly, resulting in the suspension of the plans with the highest record of complaints from operators classified in the risk ranges. When this happens, these operators will not be able to register any new plans that are analogous to those on the suspension list, and they will not even be able to receive new beneficiaries, with the exception of a new spouse or child and former fired or retired employees.

When will health plans be released?

In order for the plans to return and the operator to be able to receive new customers, it is necessary to present an improvement in its assistance performance. Therefore, a reassessment takes place every quarter, and those that meet the monitoring standard will be released to offer new commercializations. In addition, in addition to the suspension of the services of some operators, in this cycle, 4 other plans were announced that will have their sale released.

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